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Checking your applicant for employment at your business is of utmost importance. Every business must check new and existing staff for criminal activity , bad habits, risky behaviour, forged documents, honesty and loyalty. 

History has shown that criminal activities were reduced by more than 80% after the pre-employment checks were done. 



We have 3 products to choose from



Ø  Basic Pre employment check R 240 per person 

Ø  Advance Pre employment check R 550 per person

(Honesty test, drug use, integrity,

 check references, reliability, employment history, etc.)

Ø  Pre-employment Polygraph Test R 350 per person

(A list of questions, choice of the client is asked)


Advantages of these checks are that staff know they are checked and are much more cautious. A culture in your business is created that there are no place for criminals. Outside criminals and syndicates are aware of proper management and control in your business and rather go somewhere else to rob or steal.


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