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If you’re concerned that someone be invading your privacy, we have the counter-surveillance solutions you need. We use our hidden camera detector or audio bug detector to quickly assess what’s going on.You have the right to know for sure if someone’s watching or listening without your consent. Our camera finders are the simplest and most economical way to find almost any camera in almost any room, including wired and wireless cams. In addition to spy camera detectors or hidden camera finders and RF bug detection systems,offer a variety of powerful counter surveillance solutions.

 Sweeping for bugs and cameras 
R35 per square meter. 
(House, office, boardroom)

Sweeping of Vehicles 
R 900

Cell Phone and Laptops 
R 1100

(Needs to be booked in at our office for 1 day)


Call out fee of R350 in Pretoria and R450 in Johannesburg

Contact our office at 012 653 0074 or email us on


What is counter surveillance and why would I need it?

The two words counter surveillance means exactly what it says, in other words to counter or stop someone else from “spying on you.  Surveillance can consist of physical observation, use of electronic equipment such as covert cameras, GSM transmitters, recording devices, listening devices, hidden transmitters etc.


Electronic surveillance devices today are easy to use, very available, not expensive and very advanced.

These devices can be in your boardroom, office, home, car, business and organisation and even on your cell phone “collecting” information on your strategy, secrets and personal information. This is a potential threat which can cause great losses and damage your personal life or business.

Doing surveillance (Spying) or collecting information from  a business or individual is not as easy unless the eavesdropper or spy collects information first by using  physical observation, electronic equipment such as covert cameras, GSM transmitters, recording devices, listening devices, hidden transmitters etc. 

How can we help and what do we do?

We can sweep you office, house, car, boardroom etc and remove all the electronic devices, we can check your phone/s, computers for any electronic device that can compromise your security and privacy. We remove any items that we find.

What is the next step?

Phone our office at 0861 779 967 or email us on

Speak to one of our consultants who will send you a quotation. We arrange for a date and time and come and clean your office, car, phone or home.

We do investigations world Wide.