Forensic Investigation Services

We investigate any allegation or suspicion of fraud/corruption/criminal conduct/misconduct regardless of the size or complexity. Our experts know where to look and what to look for to find the truth. Our investigations are always independent and objective.

Our investigations are always conducted and presented to the level of excellence that suspects often choose the option of resigning, pleading guilty or settling civil disputes.

We always find the answers to Who?, What?, Why?, When? and How?

Our main forensic investigator has successfully investigated fraud since 1991. Our rates are among the lowest in the industry.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraudulent schemes are progressively becoming more sophisticated and aggressive. No company can afford it affecting their bottom line or tarnishing their public image.

The best way to prevent fraud happening is to prevent it by keeping the fraudsters out. Our comprehensive fraud detection and prevention techniques will assist you to keep the criminals out at the most cost-effective way, without having to overhaul your company’s culture and operations.